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2009-04-23 17:32:37 by Eywind

Pie? Pie.

New Username

2008-12-15 08:37:58 by Eywind

I had to make a new user, due to some difficulties with the last one.

Hm.. news? Well, im making a "physical exercise" (Chairman Fulp :3) with Waterflame, although we have not started yet. He's going to art/music and im going to do the programming.

Oh btw I've got a new music program, called Fruity Loops Studio 8 XXL Producer Edition (good programs always has long and complicated names) so I'm going to make some music for my games. Good thing i have a MIDI-controller keyboard. I might upload some of songs here. Even though noone will ever visit my site :(. (i understand them tho)

- Eywind